Youth in the News

Robert McCollum
Series 2 Kings (4 of 22)
Location Lisburn (Lisburn)
Bible Text 2 Kings 2: 23-25


We generally see young people in our news headlines, both for good and bad reasons. The young people from the city of Bethel were no different and they hit the headlines as a result of some unsavoury behaviour towards Elisha and ultimately, the Lord God.

1. The Location of the Miracle

2. The Consequences of the Miracle
- The Spirit of the Remarks
- The Context of the Remarks
- The Content of the Remarks

3. The Fearsome Nature of the Miracle


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2 Kings

Series Infomation

1 God's Dealings with Ahaziah
  Sun, 04/02/2018
2 Elijah and his Call Home
  Sun, 11/02/2018
3 A Picture of Salvation
  Sun, 25/02/2018
4 Youth in the News
  Sun, 04/03/2018
5 Elisha and the Coalition
  Sun, 11/03/2018
6 Our Attitude to Trouble
  Sun, 25/03/2018
7 The Faith of the Shunammite Woman
  Sun, 01/04/2018
8 Death in the Pot
  Sun, 15/04/2018
9 The Miracle of the Twenty Loaves
  Sun, 22/04/2018
10 The Mystery of Providence
  Sun, 06/05/2018
11 The Healing of Naaman
  Sun, 27/05/2018
12 The Faith of Naaman
  Sun, 03/06/2018
13 Grace Alone
  Sun, 17/06/2018
14 The Floating Axe Head
  Sun, 24/06/2018
15 Divine Resources
  Sun, 01/07/2018
16 The Syrian Army Blinded
  Sun, 05/08/2018
17 A Famine in Samaria
  Sun, 12/08/2018
18 Divine Provision
  Sun, 19/08/2018
19 The Providence of God in the life of the Shunnamite
  Sun, 26/08/2018
20 Death in Damascus
  Sun, 02/09/2018
21 The Lord Avenges Naboth's Blood
  Sun, 09/09/2018
22 The Death of Elisha
  Sun, 09/09/2018


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