Qualifications of Deacons

Robert McCollum
Series Election of Deacons (2 of 2)
Location Lisburn (Lisburn)
Bible Text 1 Timothy 3: 8-13


God is Head of the Church, and in doing so, He has delegated men to serve and to hold positions of responsibility in the Church. Here we have clarification and exposition of the qualifications for Deacons stated previously in Acts 6.

1. The Category of Character (vs. 8)
2. The Category of Doctrine (vs. 9)
3. The Category of Gifts (vs. 10)
4. The Category of Family (vs. 12)


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Election of Deacons

Series Infomation

1 The Office of Deacon
  Sun, 30/04/2017
2 Qualifications of Deacons
  Sun, 07/05/2017


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