Robert McCollum
Series Philippians (18 of 19)
Location Lisburn (Lisburn)
Bible Text Philippians 4: 10-13


In a world where people continually seem to be discontent with their lot, the apostle Paul encourages us to think about our own levels of contentment in Christ.

1. The Meaning of Contentment (vs. 11)

2. The Source of Contentment (vs. 11)

3. The Secret of Contentment (vs. 13)


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Series Infomation

1 Philippians: An Overview
  Brian Wright Sun, 12/06/2016
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3 Rejoice in Christ
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4 A Christ-Centred Life
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5 Live your Life Worthy of the Gospel
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6 The Search for Peace
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7 A Need to Complain
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8 Obedience in God
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9 What is Worthy of Praise?
  Brian Wright Sun, 14/08/2016
10 The Real Circumcision
  Robert McCollum Sun, 15/01/2017
11 Nothing but Christ
  Robert McCollum Sun, 22/01/2017
12 Christian Citizenship
  Robert McCollum Sun, 19/02/2017
13 The Christian Life as a Race
  Robert McCollum Sun, 12/02/2017
14 Paul's Relationship with the church in Philippi
  Robert McCollum Sun, 26/02/2017
15 Rejoice Always
  Robert McCollum Sun, 05/03/2017
16 Do Not Be Anxious
  Robert McCollum Sun, 19/03/2017
17 The Believer's Thought-Life
  Robert McCollum Sun, 26/03/2017
18 Contentment
  Robert McCollum Sun, 09/04/2017
19 Paul's Closing Remarks
  Robert McCollum Sun, 23/04/2017


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