Who is the Son of Man?

Robert McCollum
Series John (6 of 39)
Location Lisburn (Lisburn)
Bible Text John 9: 35-38


Why is it that as we get older, we ask less questions? Is it because of fear? Or, more likely, is it because of pride? Do we think we may look foolish if we do not know?

An important question was asked in this passage, 'who is the Son of Man, that I may believe in Him?'. May we be more child-like in our asking of questions.

1. An Important Question from a Sinner (vs. 36)
2. A Simple Answer for the Sinner (vs. 37)
3. A Crucial Response from the Enquirer (vs. 38)


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Series Infomation

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  Sun, 26/06/2016
2 Salvation
  Sun, 03/07/2016
3 What do you think of Jesus?
  Sun, 02/10/2016
4 Jesus Christ, the Light of the World
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5 A Snare Set for Jesus
  Sun, 16/10/2016
6 Who is the Son of Man?
  Sun, 22/01/2017
7 The Blind Man Healed
  Sun, 15/01/2017
8 Life Abundant
  Sun, 12/02/2017
9 The Good Shepherd
  Sun, 19/02/2017
10 A Challenge to Believe
  Sun, 05/03/2017
11 Reaction to the Shepherd
  Sun, 26/02/2017
12 Three Months East of the Jordan
  Sun, 12/03/2017
13 A Scene from Bethany
  Sun, 19/03/2017
14 Jesus Wept
  Sun, 09/04/2017
15 Sequal to Lazarus' Rising
  Sun, 23/04/2017
16 The Anointing of Jesus
  Sun, 07/05/2017
17 Reaction to Jesus and His Ministry
  Sun, 28/05/2017
18 Feet Washing
  Sun, 11/06/2017
19 The Response to the Foot Washing Episode
  Sun, 18/06/2017
20 Conversation in the Upper Room
  Sun, 01/10/2017
21 Love One Another
  Sun, 01/10/2017
22 Peter's Self Confidence
  Sun, 15/10/2017
23 The Way to Heaven
  Sun, 22/10/2017
24 Jesus - the Son relating to His Father
  Sun, 29/10/2017
25 Jesus' Departure brings Fruitfulness
  Sun, 05/11/2017
26 The Christian Life
  Sun, 12/11/2017
27 A Faithful Servant
  Sun, 19/11/2017
28 The Vine and the Vineyard
  Sun, 26/11/2017
29 Christian Joy
  Sun, 03/12/2017
30 Christian Relationships
  Sun, 10/12/2017
31 God's People and the World
  Sun, 17/12/2017
32 Facing Trials in the Christian Life
  Sun, 21/01/2018
33 The Work of the Holy Spirit
  Sun, 28/01/2018
34 A Note about the Future
  Sun, 04/02/2018
35 The High Priestly Prayer
  Sun, 11/02/2018
36 The Results of our Union with Christ
  Sun, 25/02/2018
37 Unity in the Church
  Sun, 04/03/2018
38 The Glorification of the Church
  Sun, 11/03/2018
39 The Scene of Christ's Arrest
  Sun, 18/03/2018


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